A star Tilt & Turn Handle Line

Our collection of levers is built on a perfect mix of aesthetics and ergonomics, optimal safety, and functionality. They are available in a variety of styles and color combinations. The innovative’s curved teardrop shape adds an exquisite and harmonic touch to a clear and modern window design. Because perfection in design means that levers should not only look excellent but also feel comfortable in hand.


  • Comfortable and easy to handle with noiseless lock and unlock


  • Available in several hues for any modern architectural requirements


  • The safety, the pressing button, and the locked lever provide high security.


  • Possible night ventilation with a 45 supplement.


  • Modern and ergonomic design


  • Wide selection of beautiful finishes


  • Suitable for wood and plastic windows

A star Casement Handle Line

Hardware of this truth The multi-point casement window lock features a streamlined design that is low profile and does not interfere with rugged or blind designs. This window lock is quite suitable for reaching. Before locking, the window must not be closed completely.

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