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A Star Windows has a decade of windows and doors production experience. We are 100% owned and run by Canadian companies. We are proud to be able to provide the best doors and windows on time. A Star Windows has a wide choice of high-quality doors and windows.

We offer a complete set of windows and doors, including sliding windows, double suspension fans, windows for the casement, sliding doors, two-fold doors, or French doors. From home-buyers to premium buildings, our product range offers solutions to all markets and budgets.

We know that a new house is a significant investment, and we want to offer the best solution. Our objective is to create an affordable reality that owners dream of with the broadest selection of products and colors.

Why A Star windows ltd

Designed to live the live Canadian style and performance, A Star windows are architecturally inspired. We only utilize sustainable quality products. A Star Windows has a reputation for the quality of materials, hardware, and production, all developed and produced to meet Canadian standards for performance and sustainability.


A Star Windows, which is manufactured in Surrey, British Columbia, is made of high-quality materials. A Star Windows has reinvented customer happiness with a proper understanding of your requirements thanks to a devoted after-sales service commitment and service promise.  


The contemporary architectural doors and windows by A Star Windows mirror the domestic design trends of owners, customer builders, and architects in British Columbia. This is designed to bring home to life and improve their views.  


There is an A Star Windows product for every aesthetic, every application, and a better view for all customers with double doors, sliding doors, casement windows, French doors, sliding patio doors, and so on.  

Technical expertise

We recognize that people are the key to every business, that our high standards go beyond product quality and design. Our skilled team works to detect and fulfill your specific requirements. We look closely at your demands to create real value solutions.

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