For clients who do not want to miss a color shift and maintenance-free plastics, A Star applies state-of-the-art foil wrapping technology to ensure solid colors as well as wood grain finish to vinyl frames. Despite the sun, wind, rain, and frost, frozen frames do not change their appearance during their whole lives. The used film is continuously attached to the plastic profiles.

A Star Windows offers a wide variety of laminate coatings. These foils provide highly realistic wood grain finishes, which are hard to differentiate from the real. We employ the world leaders in laminate film manufacture. These foils are highly robust and long-lasting. Scratching, decline, and water damage are resistant.

  • The film is significantly easier to clean thanks to its thin surface than traditional surfaces.


  • The comparison to the paint is extremely high in scratch resistance.


  • Designed for adverse weather and practicable from -40 degree to 140-degree temperature range.


  • There are more than 100 solid colors and wood treatments.


  • Contrary to other PVC ornamental coating, it does not chip or cracks.


  • Double density weather sealing.


  • To limit the heat gain, intergrade Sun Protection Layer.

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