Vinyl sliding doors are a terrific way to open your home outside without losing precious space. We offer a wide choice of sliding doors that are functional and trustworthy and fit Canadian weather and the current home design. Our sliding doors are built for a modern finish, and both visual impact and utility may be achieved with our sliding doors. You can anticipate year-round performance and real value for money with A Star sliding doors.

  • All PVC with built-in nail fine and easy installation, maintenance-free.


  • In your view, large glass surface and minimum framing.


  • Dimensions up to 16′ x 8′′ (W x H).


  • Smooth and easy-to-use tandem wheels.


  • Frame and panels thermally sold.
  • White or grey stain with low-electric glass, integrated, available.


  • Single-family, condos, and multi-units, recommended for refurbishment and new construction.


  • Outstanding performance and quality.


  • The air & water infiltration is minimized via structural transoms and sidelights.

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